Decorating & Giving Style to Your Coffee Table

Decorating & Giving Style to Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a living room staple. While functional, they add a stylish focal point to the room. When decorating a coffee table, it’s important to understand what the main function of the table will be, like a place to put drinks, to store your remote, or for decor purposes. Knowing the main function of the table will help you style it in a way that complements that purpose. Whether you want to keep it minimal or go for an eclectic look, these tips will help you style your coffee table exactly how you want it and with ease.

Decorating a Coffee Table

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to decorating your coffee table, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of 11 tips to help you create the perfect coffee table to fit the style of your living room.

1. Focus on Function

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on function when it comes to your coffee table. Whether you are looking to put your feet up or rest a cup of coffee, focus on keeping your coffee table clear so it can serve its primary function. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t add in a few stylish elements. Let the primary decor be the table itself by choosing a design that seamlessly blends with the space. Add small decor pieces that won’t take up too much space (like a small flower arrangement) or a decorative tray for coasters or books to keep the rest of the table free.

2. Add Items You Love

Decorating a coffee table can be fun, especially when you add items that you love and use often. Adding in some of your favorite books is an easy way to add decor to your table while giving you quick access to the current book you are reading. Stack the next few books you plan to read on top of each other as a stylish reminder. If you love a blooming bouquet, center with your favorite vase. Don't forget to leave room for a comforting cup of tea with your favorite teapot!

3. Opt for a Tray

Decorative trays are an easy way to add decor to your coffee table. They keep things organized and allow you to carry drinks to and from the kitchen with ease. Opt for a tray that stands out, like a gleaming rose-gold tray against a darker wooden coffee table. It can be placed in the center to act as a catchall of stray items (like a remote) or can be stored away when not in use.

4. Make It Symmetrical

When decorating a coffee table, use symmetry to help balance the decor on the table. The balance of the decor gives off an effortless feel while helping to create a balanced visual interest in your living room. Add two like candle holders or a pair of vases from the same set to create symmetry on your coffee table. These decor pieces don't have to be identical, just similar enough in style, pattern, or design to create a cohesive look. To create more variety, experiment with different heights and placement to create visual interest while adding symmetry to the table.

5. Play With Color

Whether you are looking to spice up a neutral-colored room or add more color to an already colorful room, consider using your coffee table decor as a way to incorporate bold colors. Opt for small decor items (like jars, vases, or candles) in similar colors to ensure they have a cohesive feel. Add in a few items with a similar shade to your wall color – it will tie all the colors together and create the perfect focal point in your living room.

6. Get Creative With Texture

Texture can add visual interest to any coffee table, no matter the color. Mix different textures together, like items that are shiny and smooth with items that are dull and rough. For example, in the coffee table decorations above, the texture of the candle sticks and smaller decor items are accentuated by the rustic wooden tray. The different textures, while similar metallic shades, add more detail to your table through their contrasting surfaces.

7. Go Green

Greenery helps liven up the room and makes your area feel energized and alive. Add your favorite greenery to your coffee table to energize your space. Add in neutral-colored accents or vases to play up the natural element of the greenery. It will create the ultimate earthy coffee table decor. Opt for faux plants if you find yourself forgetting to water your plants often.

8. Light It Up

Candles not only add a romantic ambience to your living room, but they can act as a stand-alone decor item when unlit. Choose candles that you not only love the smell of but also the color and look of. Play with the height of the candles to create more visual interest. While simple, the different heights make you look like a pro when it comes to decorating a coffee table. As the seasons change, swap out your candles with more fitting scents.

9. Add Some Fun

When decorating a coffee table, don’t be afraid to add in some games! If you have little ones, this is an easy way to keep kids (and adults) entertained. Add your favorite brain teasers to the table to act as a fun decor item. As you finish brain teasers and games, swap them out with new ones to keep it interesting.

10. Utilize Levels

Opt for a coffee table with more than one surface, like this multilevel coffee table. It not only gives you more room for drinks and snacks, but it also allows you to add decor items on both surfaces. Consider keeping the theme similar for both levels, like this coastal-themed coffee table. The seashells and driftwood create that perfect beachside feel. With the books on the bottom, anyone can sit back and relax with a good book, while the coral ties in the coastal feel.

11. Take It Outside

When you are looking to decorate a patio coffee table, it’s important to incorporate the seasons as well as outdoor elements. Add in freshly cut florals from your yard or add a plastic bowl to store pumpkins or apples. This type of decor adds a natural element to your outdoor sitting area and can be changed with every passing season. When adding small decor items, like a decorative tray or bowl, opt for a material that can handle the wear and tear of being outdoors.